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Trimming Trees Trims Power Troubles

Utilities need to trim trees around overhead power lines to minimize power outages that may occur during powerful storms due to falling branches.  Many times a utility’s tree trimming program runs into opposition from a locality’s tree canopy preservation policy.  A town wants to preserve its tree canopy and residents will vociferously complain that a utility “butchered” the tree in of their home.  These same residents will also complain that their electrical service is unreliable because it goes out every time storms roll through the area.  Do they realize that the trees growing around a power line will knock out the power if a strong thunderstorm rolls through the area and the high winds cause one of the limbs to fall?  A utility’s tree trimming program is necessary to maintain reliable electric service.  I will save the debate of underground vs overhead power lines for another time.

Posted 09-13-2010 4:59 PM by choinskis

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