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A VOLUNTARY Program to Make the Good Guys Pay for the Bad Guys

Why should the good guys be made to pay for the mistakes of the bad guys?  Maybe we should just walk away. Case in point.  US big box retailers put a bunch of US manufacturers out of business in the 80's and 90's when they pressed for price concessions that made it unprofitable to deliver out of US factories.  Now, the same retailers are having product quality problems and they expect US manufacturers to pay for a fix.  What's the fix?  Implementing a factory process audit that is supposed to ensure output of quality products.  BRC/RILA CP3 is really aimed at raising the bar on off-shore suppliers whose products are causing retailers significant problems (SPELLED:  R E C A L L S).  A couple of months ago, NEMA members met with members of the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) to find ways to modify the standard for electrical products so that it might actually add some value to what retailers are selling--despite the fact that electrical products produced in the US have very few quality problems.  It seemed like we made good progress--a real meeting of the minds, so to speak.   About a month after the celebration,  RILA notified NEMA that nothing much had changed. "To be clear" RILA said, "great progess was made during this discussion, which you will recall was "short circuited" and we believe did not end in consensus limited to the elements you proposed."  In other words, thanks, but no thanks!  Really a disappointment for NEMA members and others from the manufacturing community who spent a full day of intensive discussions and many days of preparation to try to carve out an appropriate compromise for electrical products that shouldn't be included in the first place.  RILA is intent on making the Good Guys pay for the Bad Guys!  They intend to lean on the guys they can depend on--their best suppliers--to pay for the mistakes of their worst supliers.  The only encouraging thing about the standard is that compliance is VOLUNTARY.  If it wasn't VOLUNTARY, I'd be worried.   

Posted 11-23-2010 8:52 PM by scolnika
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Ocho wrote re: A VOLUNTARY Program to Make the Good Guys Pay for the Bad Guys
on 01-17-2011 6:29 AM

That's so absurd, the plain idiocy we are faced with today is ridiculous. Pretty soon the crookedness will reach into every crevice of and all we're left with is poor quality, and insanely expensive monopolized components.

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