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Bridging Solar Power And Wind Power

I was listening to the Wall Street Journal this Morning and came across an interesting story.  Two Italian designers came up with way to make wind turbines less of a potential eyesore.  They have designed a proposed highway bridge that incorporates wind turbines between the support pillars. Additionally, the road would be paved with solar cells and covered with a hard plastic.  The innovative design would generate as much as 36 million kWh per year, which is enough electricity to power around 15,000 homes.  This Solar Wind Bridge was awarded second place in the Solar Park Works – Solar Highway competition.

You can listen to the story on the Wall Street Journal this Morning podcast from February 8, 2011.  Story starts at the 25 minute mark or check out this article "Bridging Solar Power And Wind Power" by Auto in the News.

Posted 03-03-2011 12:20 PM by choinskis


Harry Moore wrote re: Bridging Solar Power And Wind Power
on 03-15-2011 1:33 PM

Excellent story, i heard about this the other day

sunwatt wrote re: Bridging Solar Power And Wind Power
on 12-15-2011 12:46 AM

Hi! I like your article and I would like very much to read some more information on this issue. Will you post some more?

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