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What?! There are more than just environmental benefits of electric vehicles?

Sure, most of us are aware of the environmental benefits associated with electric vehicles, but do you know about the other advantages of this clean, energy-efficient technology?

Check out NEMA’s latest podcast, “What are the short- and long-term benefits of investing in electric vehicles?” This is the first in a series of electric vehicle (EV) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) podcasts. I talk with Michael Mahan, Product General Manager of EV Infrastructure at GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions business, about the benefits of EV and EVSE for individuals, fleets, facilities, and military installations. Mr. Mahan also discusses the results of an interesting, consumer-focused GE study about EVs. I think you’ll be surprised with some of the results!

If you’re looking for more information about EVs and their supply equipment, some great sources are the Electric Drive Transportation Association, GE Energy's Industrial Solutions EV webpage, and

Posted 02-10-2012 9:08 AM by Skudera, Chrissy


Abraham wrote re: What?! There are more than just environmental benefits of electric vehicles?
on 03-29-2014 10:11 AM

about the Nissan battery check, the ceutomsr does not get very much usable information.  The GID count and the pack voltage seem to be the most valuable metrics.  That is not to say that the battery check does not have value.Regarding the Wattstation, I believe the fault light was related to grounding.  Some folks have said that the heavy cable to the J1772 plug on the GE units has only one wire for the pilot signal instead of the two wires on most other charging stations.  Improper grounding could lead to serious issues since the pilot signal on the Wattstation would be using the heavy electrical ground wire.  I believe this is actually why the diode in the LEAF's internal charger is getting damaged   and why chargers with two pilot wires still work even after the diode is fryed.   I can attest that the AeroVironment (Nissan) charger does have two pilot wires down to the J1772 connector since that install.Best Regards,Ken Clifton

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