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Campaign 2012 -- Energy policy, jobs, and economic growth

During the last two weeks, both the Obama and Romney campaigns spoke of the important role that domestic energy policy plays in job creation and economic growth.  NEMA's message to the 2012 candidates for President and for Congress outlines key recommendations to create a secure, energy-efficient, and healthier future for our nation and its citizens.  These include deploying energy-efficient technologies, building a "smart" electrical grid, contructing electrical transmission lines, and investing in high performance buildings and industrial efficiency.    Key recommendations can be found in NEMA's "Saving Energy and Saving Lives" and in NEMA's statement on energy policy.   Energy efficiency along with energy supply should be centerpieces of our national energy strategy. By using energy-efficient technologies, consumers and businesses save money, burdens on the grid are minimized, industry is more competitve globally, and society benefits.   A win-win for all!    

Posted 09-04-2012 6:24 PM by Pitsor, Kyle

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