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Rebuild Smart: Event Summary and Linked-In Group Launch

Despite the appearance of our own strong spring storms on June 13th, NEMA happily hosted a large crowd for its Hurricane Sandy: Rebuild Smart event featuring Representative Peter King. We were truly pleased to see so many individuals interested in how we can improve the reliability and resiliency of our power grid, and help prevent the widespread damage and discomfort storms like Sandy can cause.  Some of the key moments included:

  • “While no disaster is predictable or preventable, we do have the tools and technology to mitigate the damage and distress that storms like Sandy can cause," said NEMA President and CEO Evan R. Gaddis. “Being prepared and employing existing strategies help ensure the resilience and reliability of our critical power supplies.”
  • Rep. King stressed that while it’s necessary to repair the damage resulting from Superstorm Sandy, it’s essential to consider future storms in the rebuilding process and integrate smart technologies that can make our power grid more resilient. “Funding put into mitigation now is more important than ever,” King noted. He further expressed expectations that every dollar spent on mitigation could save as much as four dollars in a future recovery effort.
  • Don Hendler, CEO of Leviton Inc. reminded the audience that smart rebuilding should also include strengthening the cybersecurity of power systems. “We have to be equally diligent in terms of natural and manmade threats to the grid.”

Some of the key themes are also summed up in “Hurricane Preparedness: Not Just Bottled Water and Flashlights” An  Op-Ed from NEMA’s CEO, Evan Gaddis discussing how smart technologies can make our power grid more resilient in the face of major storms, and how simple policies can speed adoption of these improvements.

To help keep this dialogue going, we’re excited to announce the creation of a “Storm Reconstruction: Rebuild Smart” group in LinkedIn.  We hope you’ll join and add your questions and thoughts to the group.

And of course, NEMA offers a number of ongoing resources on Storm Reconstruction:

  • Rebuild Smart – an Executive Summary”: An overview of NEMA’s Smart Reconstruction guide containing suggestions on key policies, risk management planning exercises and technologies to help mitigate the economic damage and property loss caused by power outages.

“Storm Reconstruction: Rebuild Smart” – the full NEMA guide (available online and in PDF) detailing the technologies and practices that can help increase the resilience and reliability of our power grid after a storm.

Posted 06-17-2013 8:57 AM by Molitor, Paul


NEMA keeps the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts going | Electrical Apparatus Magazine wrote NEMA keeps the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts going | Electrical Apparatus Magazine
on 06-19-2013 10:40 AM

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Joe Strada wrote re: Rebuild Smart: Event Summary and Linked-In Group Launch
on 08-13-2013 10:31 PM

Hurricanes are such a scary experience experience and leave people with uncertainty.  Working for an electrical contracting company in Orlando, Florida ( we have seen our fair share of hurricanes over the years.  It really is more than bottled water and flashlights.  Those devastated by a hurricane may still be in need months, years later.  It is important to review your home if you are in harms way, inventory your home and set a plan.  

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