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  • Lost in the Shuffle

    As quickly as energy prices shot up earlier this year, they appear to be collapsing just as quickly. However, concerns over the financial and credit market crisis have largely overshadowed this. Falling prices generally bolster demand for a product, but concerns over the economy are keeping consumers...
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  • Including the Kitchen Sink

    One thing often overlooked by casual market observers is the enormous set of policy options available to the Federal Reserve, and how they can be used to ameliorate the credit crisis. Sure, virtually everyone is familiar with the federal funds rate, which Fed members decided to cut by 50 basis points...
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  • Not Out of the Woods Yet

    Today's passage of EESA 2008 is expected to help shore up troubled credit markets in the weeks and months ahead. In addition, the legislation should help to bolster investor confidence and business confidence to some extent once it is up and running; however, data released this week only served to...
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  • What’s the Next Move?

    Following yesterday's bipartisan defeat (subscription req'd) of the Emergency Economic Stability Act of 2008 (EESA, for short), many analysts are left scratching their heads and wondering "What comes next?" After equity markets tanked yesterday, some optimism has returned that Congress...
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  • Alternative Solution: Green Energy

    Wall Street is, apparently, in melt down. Jobs are being lost daily, compounding the problems of the banks, homeowners, homebuilders, and, of course, electric manufacturers. The U.S. economy is in crisis, but pouring money at the top of the pyramid will reach the individuals and institutions that drive...
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