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  • Taking Inventory

    With a light week of data releases on tap and no apparent end to bailouts in sight, now is the time to look at under-the-radar indicators that might shed some light on where the economy is headed. Take inventories, for example. As a recession deepens, stockpiled inventories become a widespread problem...
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  • Are We There Yet?

    Identifying turning points in the economy is crucial for economists. Since producers can't make operational decisions in a vacuum, they rely on economic data to help determine whether they should increase production, deploy new capital and/or hire workers. At the earliest stages of a recovery (or...
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  • A Thriftier U.S. Consumer?

    In less than a year's time, U.S. households have gone from spending practically everything they earn, and then some, to socking away larger amounts of their incomes. It had been suggested that if the savings rate climbed even to levels seen during the 2001 recession, the current downturn would end...
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  • The Color of Money

    Well, we now know that Ben Bernanke is a man of his word. When the Fed suggested back in January that it would buy long-dated Treasurys, a lot of people just assumed it was a ploy to spook investors into re-directing capital out of the Treasury bond market and into riskier forays such as corporate bonds...
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  • Smart Grid Economics

    We'll take a break this weak from the doom and gloom that is economic data and try to get a little smarter about a complex issue: smart grid. With smart grid entering the policy arena center stage during the past couple of weeks, I thought it would be good to point out a great resource that would...
  • Kepler Telescope blast-off – Technology is the engine of growth

    Over the weekend the Kepler telescope was launched into space to hunt for earth-like planets. So who was this space craft named for? The name Kepler is familiar to me because it is the name of my printer at work – being a slightly nerdy, technology-based trade association NEMA names it meeting rooms...
  • When the Bears Ate Goldilocks

    Today's brutal payroll employment report capped one of the toughest weeks for economic data that I can remember, with events ranging from the Dow's expanded dollar menu to skyrocketing mortgage delinquencies . Perhaps one of the more troubling reports to come out this week was the Fed's Beige...
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  • A Buyer's Market, Sort of

    The banks remain the topic du jour as economists and policymakers debate stress testing , nationalization ( pro and con ), and the zombie apocalypse. We'll take a break from these topics and focus on the sector that propagated much of the mess in the first place: housing. In a previous post I indicated...
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  • Tough Times

    Even as the new administration rolls out the dough from the stimulus package , offers up an outline to a new financial system rescue and proposes a program to stem the tide of foreclosures, U.S. manufacturers are in the midst of their worst run in decades. So far, industrial production has dropped 13...
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  • The Next Shoe to Drop

    So far the big news in real estate remains the depression-esque performance of the housing market. And with good reason, since the plunge in housing prices and surge in foreclosures has precipitated much of the economic mess we are now in. However, the commercial side of the real estate market is emerging...
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