• Public’s Perception of Climate Change

    If you think that the public’s perception of climate change is influence by access to scientific information or extreme weather events, think again. Research shows that political messaging has a much greater effect.
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  • Ohio’s New Approach to Code Adoption – The Worst of Both Worlds

    At its November 30, 2011 meeting, the Residential Construction Advisory Committee (RCAC) of the Ohio Board of Building Standards addressed the issue of code adoption cycles. As has been a growing trend in the states, the Ohio Home Builders have been promoting the extension of the code adoption process from the typical three years to six years. But in
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  • Not Your Father’s Electric Resistance Heating

    Earlier this year, a proposal was submitted to the International Code Council (ICC) that would have banned the use of electric resistance heating as the primary heating source in residences. The contention of this proposal to revise the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) was that electric resistance heating was wasteful and expensive and
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  • Indiana Is Keeping Life-Saving Electrical Devices from its Citizens!

    Indiana is the only state in the U.S. that does not require the installation of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters in dwellings. These life-saving devices detect electrical arcing shut off the electrical circuit before a fire can start. Why is Indiana keeping life-saving devices from its citizens? Want to find out why? Click here and then click on “Finding
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  • Home Builders Association Shuns Safety for Reduced Housing Cost

    The Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) filed a lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry seeking an injunction to stop implementation of the revised Uniform Construction Code, which utilizes the 2009 International Code Council (ICC) Codes. The suit claims that the new regulations will increase the cost of a new, average
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  • Chinese Drywall to be Gutted from Homes

    Well it seems like the Chinese are at it again. Only this time its not automobile tires or children’s toys, or pet food: it’s the walls of our own homes. According to the Associated Press , approximately 3,000 homes have been reported as having problems associated with the Chinese drywall, much of which was imported during the housing boom
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  • Florida Dunks Residential Swimming Pool Safety

    On June 9, 2009, the Florida Building Commission voted down a motion to reverse a previous decision exempting the requirement for GFCIs on residential swimming pools. NEMA supported by a local electrical contractor provided testimony to support the reversal of the earlier decision. But representatives from the Florida Swimming Pool Association were
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  • Indiana DHS Actions Lower Public Safety

    Indiana's Electrical Advisory Committee completed a review of the entire 2008 National Electrical Code ® proposed rules the added safety benefits of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs), Tamper Resistant Receptacles (TRRs) and the expansion of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) personnel protection. Ignoring this input from the Electrical
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  • Washington ETAC Decision A Major Victory for Child Safety

    In a significant victory for child safety, the State of Washington Electrical Technical Advisory Committee, which consists of stakeholders in the electrical industry located in the State, voted overwhelmingly to include the requirement for Tamper-Resistant Receptacle (TRR) requirements for dwellings per section 406.11 of the 2008 National Electrical
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  • Ocean County Construction Inspection Department Disbanded

    The Ocean County Construction Inspection Department in New Jersey was recently denied funding by the Ocean County Commissioners for its building inspection department for the 2009 budget year. The department has ceased to function as of December 31, 2008. Click here for additional details. Bob McCullough, a former supervisor of the department and current
    Posted to NEMA Currents (Weblog) by Vince Baclawski on 02-11-2009
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