• Voices on Trade

    President Obama's point man on trade, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman (@MikeFroman), met recently with the NEMA Board of Governors. Why? I venture a guess that it's because they care about trade and access to international markets. If I'm right, it turns out they are in good company. Recent polling commissioned by the Business Roundtable
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  • Competitiveness is the Best "Protection" for Jobs

    U.S. electroindustry companies sell billions of dollars of equipment outside the U.S. each year. These companies employ many thousands of workers here in the U.S., workers whose employment depends on the ability of their company “teams” to innovate, make sales, and satisfy their customers. With most of the world’s people (95 percent
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  • Navigating To Compete

    This morning at a House of Representatives committee hearing , a major U.S. manufacturer and exporter testifed that the country's transportation and port infrastructure is inadequate to meet its needs to get its products to overseas customers. What solution is the company using to stay competitive in the global marketplace? Ship their products from
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  • President Signs Helium Act into Law

    Last evening (Oct. 2), President Obama signed into law the Helium Stewardship Act , which will keep the Federal Helium Reserve operating and selling crude helium to private industry beyond Oct. 7. As reported in this blog and in NEMA and MITA releases, the House and Senate passed the bill unanimously last week. Now commodity and supply managers for
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  • Keeping the Ball in the Air

    Last evening (Sept. 25) the House passed 397-0 an amended version of legislation to keep the Federal Helium Reserve (FHR) operating beyond Oct. 7 and to reform the way in which the Department of the Interior sells crude helium stored in the Reserve to the private sector. The House took a bill that passed the Senate last week by a 97-2 vote, moved some
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  • Moving Forward on Minerals

    Yesterday the U.S. House of Representatives passed, for the second year in a row, a bill to streamline federal laws to facilitate projects to extract critical minerals from the Earth's crust. What makes these minerals critical, you ask? Many minerals, including but not limited to so-called "rare earth elements", are critical inputs for
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  • Action Needed Now on Helium

    As it debates a NEMA-backed energy bill, the Senate is also poised to vote as early as today on NEMA-supported compromise legislation to extend the life of the Federal Helium Reserve in Texas and provide greater certainty of supply to companies whose businesses rely on access to the noble gas . As NEMA and a broad coalition of stakeholders explained
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  • Tariff Suspension Legislation Re-Introduced in House

    Yesterday in the House of Representatives the leadership of the Ways & Means Committee introduced a Miscellaneous Tariff Bill that would, if it becomes law, suspend U.S. customs duties temporarily on over 2,000 imported items needed by U.S. manufacturers but not manufactured in the U.S. Included in the package are several types of electrical componentry
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  • Bipartisan Approach to Helium Legislation

    Third NEMA/Capitol Hill Word of the Week: helium. (The first two Words of the Week must be either 1) Shaheen and 2) Portman or 1) energy and 2) efficiency.) Yesterday, Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) introduced legislation to modernize and reform federal policy to better secure supplies of helium for U.S. industry and government
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  • The Year That Is, The Year That Will Be

    It has been a decent year for international trade policy in Washington -- but it's not over yet! The House and Senate are still deciding whether to take up and pass a large package of proposals to temporarily suspend import duties on many inputs that are used by U.S. manufacturers (including some NEMA members) but that are not available from U.S
    Posted to NEMA Currents (Weblog) by Updyke, Craig on 12-17-2012
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