• Go straight until you reach the energy storage tower, then turn left.

    Explaining what energy storage is can be difficult sometimes. Leave explaining the benefits for another day. If you store air in a balloon, it expands. If you store boxes in a warehouse, the shelves get full. But, if you store energy, for most mediums you usually still have a paneled or enclosed box still sitting there, unchanged to any of the five
    Posted to NEMA Currents (Weblog) by Franks, Ryan on 07-18-2013
  • Comparing apples and oranges and energy storage

    As more and more grid energy storage projects are planned, how do you select the best technology for the need, or even begin to report and compare performance? Comparing pumped hydro, compressed air, sodium sulfur batteries, flow batteries, lead acid batteries, lithium ion batteries, flywheels, and capacitors is akin to comparing apples to oranges to
    Posted to NEMA Currents (Weblog) by Franks, Ryan on 03-12-2012
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