Tis the Season to Heed Safety

Tis the Season to Heed Safety

While many of us are in the mode of finding space to put away holiday presents, and storing away memories of our family gatherings, we take the time to reflect on the year past and start to plan goals and resolutions for the coming year.


In the midst of transition into the New Year I know that I and I suppose you have also paused to marvel at the technology now at our fingertips and how new and better stuff just keeps surfacing.   Holiday lights for example.  I remember not too long ago (1970s-1980s… am I getting old?) we used to have screw-base bulbs that consumed significant power, broke often, burned out often, and emitted heat generously when lit.  Today, in addition to other modern types, we have light emitting diode (LED) technology that offers longer life, are cool to the touch, and deliver much lower power consumption.


As the holiday season ends let us not forget to follow the safety protocol associated with use of such products.  Decorative lighting strings we place outdoors should be labeled for outdoor use.  Care should be made not to damage the insulation when hanging or installing the lights, when taking them down, and storing them.  Devices should be Listed by a third-party test lab and bear a label to demonstrate that they comply with the appropriate safety requirements.

As a reminder, in accordance with the UL Safety Standard for Seasonal and Holiday Decorative Products, UL 588, decorative-lighting strings intended for seasonal, temporary use, are not to exceed 90 days per year.  So in our planning to do great in 2008, lets not forget to plan for safety and carefully take down and store the seasonal lighting products until the next season.


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