The Economy and Presidential Politics

The Economy and Presidential Politics

The economy continues to be the top priority of voters, according to the Washington Post. But it shouldn't guide who you cast your presidential vote for, says Newsweek/WaPo columnist Bob Samuelson

In his most recent column, Samuelson shows once again why he's the best economic journalist in the media today. In "Why It's Not the Economy," Samuelson says presidential candidates can make all the promises they want about economic policies — and yet, practically speaking, they have little control over our $14 trillion economy. Indeed, he points out that presidents can screw things up faster than they can fix things. He notes that Bill Clinton's success during the '90s wasn't due to any proactive policies, but rather to the fact that he stood aside and let the expanding economy make us more prosperous.

That said, a president's economic philosophy provides the impetus for both good and bad public policy. Whoever winds up in the Oval Office, we'll be ready to ensure he/she recognizes the important role electrical manufacturers play in ensuring high living standards for Americans.

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