A Monster Move

A Monster Move

Recently, an article was published in the Wall Street Journal about the changes and advancements for both getting a job and hiring the right person. The nation’s largest job board, Monster.com, has experienced a 9% decrease in unique viewers since last year.  According to Peter Weddle, the CEO of Weddle’s, who publishes guide book on job boards, there is an increase in job boards that specialize on one particular niche.   Out of the 2,000 new job boards that are launched annually, 30% are general job sites and the other 70% specialize in a particular niche. It seems as though companies are moving away from the general job boards to fill open positions.


NEMA has been helping the qualified job seekers and manufacturers looking to fill positions within the electroindustry, through eicareers.org. Even while the economy is down and some manufacturers are struggling to find skilled workers, eicareers.org is bringing new talent to an exciting energy efficient focused industry. It seems as though being green is also good for recruiting.


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