wattwatt a deal

wattwatt a deal

wattwatt? Why, the portal for individuals interested in electrical energy efficiency, of course. This is a Web 2.0 social network site, supported by the IEC, which brings together people of all ages and nationalities who are interested in the frugal use of electricity.


Featured at the SPAB 2008 conference, wattwatt facilitates the sharing of electrical experiences and ideas while providing an open debate on one of the biggest challenges facing the world—using less electricity, using it more efficiently, using it more responsibly, and looking for new or improved ways for generating it.


Keeping with the clever use of electrical terminology, wattwatt features a blog of pulses; wattwatter avatars; and wikiwatts, featuring energy efficiency links.


And though it lacks a clever name, there’s even a competition worth $10,000 and a trip to Geneva—wattwatt will even offset the carbon, of course. Care4it is open to all students up to 18 years old anywhere in the world. The challenge—to improve electrical energy, perhaps by suggesting a new device; writing a computer program to monitor electricity usage in the home or workplace; or creating an awareness campaign to change behavior, save electricity, or improve the way it’s used.


The IEC will also consider developing the winning entry into an international standard or product for use by all countries. The intellectual property proposed will remain the property of the students who are the authors or inventors and/or the schools.


Watt a deal!


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