Inventing a More Efficient Energy Future

Inventing a More Efficient Energy Future

A "call out" to my kids' Fairfax County high school, McLean, and particularly to three innovative freshmen who won regional honors in the recent North American ExploraVision science contest. As reported in our local Connection newspaper, the honors biology students opted to address the challenge of alternative energy sources, something our electrical industry is exploring as well.  Their winning idea: The Tower Turbine, a windmill suspended between skyscapers that would serve as a power generator for both buildings. The beauty of this system, as the students point out, is its increased efficiency. Much of the energy generated by traditional windmills is lost in the transmission, not surprising considering how far removed wind turbines are from the urban areas they serve. So instead of bringing the energy to the buildings, the students are bringing the energy source to the buildings.

The only downside I see would be to city-dwelling super heroes who typically fly (or swing) between buildings. A small price to pay for new energy resources and greater energy efficiency.

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