Transmission For Renewables: Part 2

Transmission For Renewables: Part 2

This afternoon, the President spoke about climate change and tossed out a goodie to those who have been harping for years on the need to build transmission to connect renewables. It’s great to have recognition from the top validating efforts on the ground, which leads us to the next project in this quazi-series.

The Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project consists of eleven segments that will connect anticipated wind farms to the Southern California Edison system. The Tehachapi segments are a combination of upgrades to existing facilities as well as new lines on new rights-of-way. The California Public Utilities Commission approved the line on March 15, 2007. FERC approved incentive rates for the project in on November 15, 2007. The rate adders have since been challenged by various petitioners, and FERC granted rehearing this past January. Stay tuned to this development.

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