Mulching Lawn Mowers – Better than sliced bread

Mulching Lawn Mowers – Better than sliced bread

Three weeks ago I purchased a new Troy-Built lawn mower with mulching capabilities. My old lawn mower was still in good condition, but it wasn't designed to mulch the grass. I could either bag the grass clippings every time I cut the grass, or I could leave big clumps of grass on my lawn. I decided it was time for me to try a new lawn mower. I'm not sold that this lawn mower is the best one on the market, but it does a relatively good job. I checked Consumer Reports before I purchased the mower, but the Consumer Report ratings were not very helpful. All of the push lawn mowers I was considering had the same "mulching" rating of average. A couple of the lawn mowers got better ratings on some other features, but then the reliability seemed to decline on these lawn mowers. In short, I was stuck with just buying one to try it out. 

I purchased the Troy-Built, 21 inch push mower with a Honda engine from Lowe's. Lowe's has a great brochure on lawn mowers that helps you decide which type of lawn mower is best for the size and slope of your yard. Although the mower came in a box, all I had to do was connect the handle, add oil and gas and pull the cord. Much to my surprise, the engine started on the first pull and has started the first time since then. The bag systems works very well. Although the mulching systems doesn't work perfectly, it does a good job, particularly given that my grass is relatively thick and is growing quickly during the Spring.

The big environmental bonus was when I left for work this morning. I noticed that many of my neighbors had 8-10 big bags of grass clippings out by the curb, while I had ZERO bags of grass clippings. All of a sudden, my new purchase seemed very GREEN. If you purchased a new mulching lawn mower recently, please let me know your experience.  

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