A New Lighting Index Shows CFLs Shining Bright

A New Lighting Index Shows CFLs Shining Bright

Considering NEMA's role in lighting systems — we represent the largest lighting companies in North America — we get all sorts of questions about compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). I recently wrote about NEMA's new FAQ webpage designed to answer questions about CFL safety. Now, due to popular demand, our excellent economists at NEMA/BIS have developed a new Lighting Index that shows the sales trends in incandescent lightbulbs and CFLs.

The index shows the dramatic rise in popularity in CFLs (the blue line) over just the last couple of years as incandescent sales (the red line) slowly but surely decline. Not surprising, especially as Americans grow increasingly concerned about energy prices and search for ways to save energy. This trend will accelerate, of course, as '07 energy bill provisions requiring more efficient lightbulbs kick in.

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