What Could They Be Thinking?

What Could They Be Thinking?

How long before we won’t be able to afford to “fill 'er up” and get to work? How long before the Federal Gov mandates companies begin utilizing telecommuting schemes as a way to limit gasoline consumption and extend oil supplies? Even van pools and buses will be severely impacted if a forecast $12-$15 gallon becomes fact. Reports of $200/barrel by this time next year are being bantered about on talk radio. I’ve heard it suggested that $7-$8/gallon is very possible by year's end. How will a nation that now relies on “customer service” as one of its main industries cope with a 70% increase in airline tickets, coupled with reduced visits to restaurants, sporting events, resorts, theme parks, or just plain driving to the mall? Isn’t it about time we demanded the government let the oil companies’ drill and tap into the 100’s of millions of barrels of oil still left within our own borders and off our coasts? We have the largest supply of coal in the world … and we invented nuclear power!

The House has just passed a bill that will attempt to sue OPEC for not producing enough oil and for charging too much for what they do produce, yet they are preventing our own US companies from drilling in ANWR, or off the coast of Florida or California. Suing OPEC while still buying from them is like suing your doctor for malpractice right after calling him to make your next appointment!

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