A 64th Anniversary to Be Proud Of

A 64th Anniversary to Be Proud Of

I was at the gym this morning, peddling my stationary bike, when one of the friendly (and talkative) senior citizens walked over to me. Warren, in his mid-80s, with a gregarious and eternally sunny disposition, stood before me and put a baseball cap on his head. He pointed to the words on the front: "WWII-Korean-Vietnam."

"Sixty-four years ago today I was jumping from an airplane into a French field," he said, pointing at his cap.

And in a flash I remembered what today was. "Ah, D-Day. Thank you, Warren."

Those of us who have lived our entire lives after the tragic — and ultimately victorious — events of the 1940s owe our WWII military saviors our gratitude. While the passing years continue reducing the number of Normandy vets, memories of that day can be found all over the Internet. Take the time today to look at some of the photos and stories from that bloody and courageous battle.

And if you know of any WWII vets — especially someone who survived Normany — give them your thanks. Today is as good a day as any to do it.


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