“Those CFLs Really Work”

“Those CFLs Really Work”


Despite volunteering to be one of the NEMA staff “guinea pigs” who would equip his household with energy efficient light bulbs, I had nonetheless been skeptical about the benefits.  The bulbs do buzz and/or flicker pretty often, and weren’t we already being prudent in our energy usage?


Well, the numbers don’t lie.  The electric bills for our first two full months with the bulbs, April and May, were down substantially — from $111.33 in April 2007 to $88.46 in April 2008, and from $154.47 in May 2007 to $97.60 in May 2008.  And what makes this even more impressive is that there are at least three reasons why our bills should have been up during this time: (1) our home computer usage has increased with my wife & kids dwelling ever more over e-mails and various projects — along with their prevailing hesitancy to turn things off “because it takes so long to log on”; (2) we’ve started tackling the lawn with an electric mower; and (3) the spring school vacation schedule was different this year due to the early Easter, meaning we were away for a few days in April ’07 but were at home for the whole month this time around.


Now it’s time for the Main Event.  The start of Serious Summer here in Washington almost exactly coincided with the beginning of June, meaning we henceforth basically  need 24/7 AC, and the basement is the only comfortable place to sleep (in my humble opinion at least, but perhaps over the next few days some other members of the household will find reason to agree).  As is the case every year, naturally our June, July and August bills will be higher, but let’s see how much the new bulbs help mitigate the effects.


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