Even Congress Understands the Need for Building Code Enforcement

Even Congress Understands the Need for Building Code Enforcement

Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved H.R. 4461, the Community Building Code Administration Grant (CBCAG) Act, by voice vote. This bill, and its Senate counterpart (S. 2458), would offer local governments a dedicated source of federal funding ($20 million a year for five years) for programs to promote effective administration of building and fire codes. Federal CBCAG grants could be used by local entities to increase staffing, provide staff training, support individual certification or departmental accreditation, or to offset capital expenditures specifically dedicated to the local building code department. Under CBCAG, each year grant proposals would be evaluated competitively with all other applications for available funding, with individual grants of up to $1 million.

We all know that the enforcement of building and fire codes is vital to protecting the health and safety of Americans. The CBCAG Act shows that Congress is beginning to understand this, too. Please visit NEMA's "Take Action" page to urge your Senators to follow the House's lead and pass the CBCAG Act.

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