Advocating for NPT Thread Standards

Advocating for NPT Thread Standards

National Pipe Thread Tapered (NPT) dimensions are essential for the proper mating of electrical cables to their threaded connections, most notably in North America, but in a multitude of cable installations around the world as well.  As new standard IEC 62444, Cable glands, is developed, it is critical for the membership of the project team (PT 62444) in charge of the development work to ensure that the standard recognizes not only metric thread dimensions but NPT thread dimensions as well.  This can be done either in the main body of the standard or as part of a normative annex.

So far so good.  IEC Subcommmittee 23A PT62444 is to be commended for setting the stage for a truly global standard, where it has agreed to include in a second committee draft, a normative annex to cover these dimensions.  Still, North American members on the PT must not be complacent but rather, continue to advocate acceptance of NPT threads in IEC 62444 to its completion.

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