Beijing Olympics and Making Progress

Beijing Olympics and Making Progress

Looking out of the window on this date in 2004, here is the picture I took from the NEMA Beijing office that we had opened a few months earlier:










Yesterday, our NEMA Beijing colleague Jia Ke took this one from the same window:

During the interval, while the construction crews converted an urban redevelopment site into a latter-day world famous landmark, we’ve assisted over forty member companies establish, enhance, and expand their business presence in the Middle Kingdom.  From answering day to day questions, to getting NEMA standards adopted in China, to solving certification problems, to setting up and taking members to a series of business visits, you name it, we’ve done it.  Who’s next?

Congratulations People’s Republic of China on a fantastic 2008 Olympics! Congratulations all you exceptional athletes who make us all want to get out and do a little exercise. And congratulations NEMA members who have worked so hard to succeed in this relentlessly expanding marketplace. Btw, talk about a blue sky day………..nice pic, Jia Ke.

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