Critical Need for Coordination

Critical Need for Coordination

A proposal is now in circulation to amend UL 854, Standard for Service-Entrance Cables, to allow the assembly of multiple conductor Type USE and USE-2 cables (from 2 to 5 conductors) using the S-Z manufacturing process.  The proposal states that this would offer more flexibility in manufacturing and a more compact and potentially less costly manufacturing process. Unfortunately, there is no indication as to whether UL has verified the impact of this alternate construction on the performance of Service-Entrance Cable fittings listed according to UL 514B, Conduit, Tubing and Cable Fittings, or box clamps listed for these cables to either UL 514A, Metallic Outlet Boxes, or UL 514C, Nonmetallic Outlet Boxes, Flush-Device Boxes, and Covers.

The National Electrical Code relies on the UL standards process to coordinate the requirements of mating components covered in different UL standards.  UL and industry need to work together to ensure that changes being considered in the requirements of one standard are not adversely affecting the performance of any listed mating components in the electrical system.

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