State-of-the-Art Roughing It

State-of-the-Art Roughing It

Let’s hear it for back-to-basics simplicity, as a latter-day Thoreau might say, but for Henry David’s sake please be electrically secure about it.

That’s what I liked about the YMCA family camp we attended over Labor Day weekend. There we were in a wooded, mountain-top setting, properly mixing the old and the new, and walking (perenially uphill, it seemed) to all the events. Yes, it was “bring your own bedding” as we lived in cabins, but both the huts and the bathhouses were completely new and modern. Indeed, while others were especially thrilled with the three square meals cooked by – and dishes done by – Someone Else, there I was gleefully noting that our home away from home was equipped with the latest Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) sockets. (“Oh, Daddy…..”)

Truth be told, aside from some has-been or (like me) never-remotely-close parents uncovering their erstwhile jock selves, the place had more of the feel of one of those Shakespearean comedies featuring lords and ladies randomly running into each other, day and night, in a wondrous enchanted forest full of fun outdoor activities – and safe alternating currents.

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