Headline “Electra”

Headline “Electra”

It’s worth clicking on the following link to access a recent CNN World Report on the European electrical and electronic industry’s new “Electra” initiative, which seeks to foster new technologies, an improved environment, and better Continental business conditions: http://www.orgalime.org/News/news.asp?id=279

The actual Electra report, “Twenty Solutions for Growth & Investment to 2020 & Beyond”, can be accessed via http://www.orgalime.org/

While we have our differences with regards to some standards and conformity assessment matters (as alluded to in #18), Electra’s basic thrust is on target – and it is very encouraging to see European Commission Vice Chairman Guenter Verheugan on board with the program.

As it happens, the link also includes a report on the Central American grid project, meaning our European counterparts are well aware of the region’s market potential. (Are you?)

For our part, NEMA’s own outreach project to new free trade agreement partners in Central and Latin America is continuing full steam ahead, with a seminar in Guatemala scheduled for Thursday, September 18.

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