Labor Gears Up to Kill Secret Balloting

Labor Gears Up to Kill Secret Balloting

A headline from a front-page Business Section article in today's WaPo: "Labor Seeks Election Rewards." And what rewards are those? "Labor's top priority is passage of legislation that would make it easier to organize unions …." That's the so-called "card check" legislation, which would eliminate secret balloting in the workplace.

Of course, be prepared for slanted media coverage of this issue over the next few months. Take, for example, this doozy by WaPo staff writer Michael Fletcher in today's article: "Currently, employers can demand that workers hold secret-ballot elections to determine whether to form unions …."  Demand? As if allowing secret balloting is something workers would oppose. Goodness, what other freedoms will employers force upon their employees?

The alternative to secret ballots, of course, is requiring workers to be publicly confronted by union organizers who will ask them directly, "Want to sign this card and support our union?" Now that's intimidating.

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