Counterfeits Can Kill!

Counterfeits Can Kill!

So many critical issues face our members these days, from a devastating housing slump that has choked off demand for some electrical products, to a global recession combined with an increasingly strong dollar that will reduce member exports, to a credit crunch that is hurting our small manufacturers. And yet despite those threats, many of our members would say that counterfeit electrical products remain the greatest (long term) risk to their companies.

Which is why NEMA and the Electrical Safety Foundation, International (ESFI) have joined forces to release a new DVD in both English and Spanish directed at educating the public about this issue. "Counterfeits Can Kill" features manufacturers and government leaders and contains footage of examples of dangerous counterfeit electrical products — from hair dryers, fuses and circuit breakers to surge protectors, extension cords and electrical outlets.

The lesson for anyone buying electrical products is, be careful purchasing online or from unauthorized vendors. Unlike a counterfeit watch or DVD, counterfeit electrical products can kill. To view a copy of the DVD online, visit NEMA's anti-counterfeiting web page.

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