UL to Validate — or Invalidate — What’s "Green"

UL to Validate — or Invalidate — What’s "Green"

While plenty of consumers are buying organic products such as chickens and apples in their supermarkets today, most don't know what actually makes a product "organic."  We have the same challenge in the world of electrical supply and distribution. Plenty of companies are claiming to provide "green" products and services, but what precisely are the qualifications for such a label?

With the commendable goal of bringing clarity to this issue, UL's launched its own certification program to validate what's eco-friendly and what's not. The respected company will provide testing and certfication to determine the environmental attributes asserted about a product — such as "energy efficiency, recycled content, volatile organic compound content or emissions and other eco-friendly qualities."

Hope UL can provide that service for organic chickens and apples as well.

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