Globally Harmonized Standards Hits a Roadblock

Globally Harmonized Standards Hits a Roadblock

It's disappointing that US interests were rejected during the IEC TC14 Power Transformers meeting held in November.  Two IEEE standards were offered for consideration under the IEEE/IEC Dual Logo and/or Joint Development agreements, IEEE PC57.123 Guide for Transformer Loss Measurement and IEEE PC57.15 Standard Requirements, Terminology, and Test Code for Step-Voltage Regulators.  Phil Hopkinson, HVolt Inc., and Jin Sim, Waukesha Electric Systems, made good presentations on behalf of the US to support the IEEE documents, but they weren't accepted.  A few European countries were most vocal in rejecting US material, while other countries were silent but ambivalent.  Some speculate that such opposition is the result of greater protectionism for national interests due to the slow global economy. Still, it's surprising since the US has been well accepted and highly effective in Maintenance Team 5 meetings revising IEC 60076-1 Power transformers – Part 1:  General. 

Moving forward, the US will consider submitting a formal New Work Item Proposal (NP) to IEC TC14 for Step-Voltage Regulators.  There's a need for the standard and it fits NEMA’s standardization strategy for globally harmonized standards that include essential regional requirements.  Not accepting the IEEE standards under the Dual Logo or Joint Development agreements is unfortunate since time and money could be saved using those documents as a base to build from instead of developing standards from scratch.

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