NEMA Lends a Hand (and a Standard) in Homeland Security

NEMA Lends a Hand (and a Standard) in Homeland Security

According a recent article (subscribers only) in Defense Daily, despite a potential budget crunch stemming from recent government bailouts, homeland security spending will remain a priority. And NEMA's doing its part to protect our national security: We're partnering with DHS to write the Digital Imaging in Communication for Security (DICOS) standard, which will go far to making airport baggage screening faster and more effective.

Over the next few years DHS intends to purchase upwards of $3 billion in new CT scanners for baggage screening at U.S. airports. The agency wants these scanners — no matter who makes them — to use of a single standard for transferring images, which will be based on the highly successful DICOM standard used in medical imaging equipment. Because NEMA developed and manages DICOM, the federal government wants NEMA working with industry to create a similar standard for industrial imaging equipment.

Our initial work should be completed by this coming June.

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