DICOS – Homeland Security Spending Keeps on Growing

DICOS – Homeland Security Spending Keeps on Growing

Global homeland security spending has received a major boost in light of recent international terrorist events, as countries look at new ways to thwart terrorists and secure borders. Spending in the industry is expected to triple to $178 billion by 2015.  Security-related spending will include more sophisticated information technology and the protection of other vulnerable terrorist targets.  With the initial focus on airport security, NEMA has stepped up its outreach to DHS and TSA. Currently developing DICOS, the new NEMA standard will capture scans of checked baggage so that scans can be read by threat detection software. The new standard will facilitate interoperability of security-imaging equipment. With DHS/TSA expected to purchase new equipment for over 400 U.S. airports, NEMA members have joined with DHS to develop the standard. 

With Phase 1 of DICOS expected to be completed this year, NEMA has begun looking at other modalities. The security industry is looking at border, rail, seaport, industrial and nuclear plant security.

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