Smart Grid Gets Another Boost from the President

Smart Grid Gets Another Boost from the President

Let me speculate that a year ago most politicians or members of the media had no idea what Smart Grid was, much less the details about why we need to modernize our electric grid. That's all changed, and while NEMA can take credit for some of the increased exposure, it helps when the guy with the biggest bully pulpit in town — President Obama — makes it one of his priorities.

That's just what he did last weekend when he spotlighted building a new electric grid in his first Saturday address to Americans — including laying down more than 3000 miles of new tranmission lines. To do that, of course, the White House will have to find ways to open up the tranmission corridors that so many NIMBYs have managed to block over the years.

One reason the president is so gung-ho on modernizing the grid is that — as the new CNN/Fortune FAQ on smart grid states — it could be one of the largest wealth-creators to come along in decades. Just what the doctor ordered in this most challenging of economic recessions.

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