Take a Memo, Congress: 86% of Voters Oppose Card Check

Take a Memo, Congress: 86% of Voters Oppose Card Check

While industry, Congress and the Obama Administration are rightfully focusing on economic recovery at this time, let's not forget about the specter of the so-called "Employee Free Choice Act" (EFCA). EFCA effectively eliminates private ballot elections for union representation by instituting a "card check" system whreeby a union would be allowed to organize if a majority of employees simply sign an authorization card.  This system threatens the privacy of employees and exposes them to potential intimidation.  Under a card check system, the employees' signatures are made public to the employer, the union organizers, and coworkers.  In addition, EFCA opens the door for contract terms being imposed on private, unionized employers through a process of compulsory, binding arbitration.

Sound like a scary proposition for industry? You bet it is. 

The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, of which NEMA is a member, just released national polling data showing that 86% of voters oppose card check, while 72% of voters think mandatory binding arbitration is "risky" and "unwise."  Congress and the new administration should heed voters' opinions and kill EFCA. You can send Congress a message by visiting NEMA's "Take Action" website.

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