Introducing Smart Grid to the Public

Introducing Smart Grid to the Public

Smart grid is front and center in the WaPo today. The lead article expounds on the benefits of overhauling the energy grid to create a more energy efficient, effective, safer electricity distribution system — and the paper provides an excellent chart that gives a simplified explanation on how Smart Grid will help utilities avoid blackouts and save energy.

This kind of public education is critical, because as Smart Grid News states in a recent article, a lot of folks — including utility CEOs — don't really "get" what this effort is all about. And if leaders of the electricity industry don't get it, how will policymakers or consumers?

NEMA has done its part to explain Smart Grid in layman's language — we've developed a one-page flyer that we're disseminating to the Hill as well as to our members. Let us know if it helps you better understand where our electrical grid is heading in the future.

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