Zoi is No "Hoi Polloi"

Zoi is No "Hoi Polloi"

News is out that POTUS has tapped the person he wants to run the all-important (at least, to us) DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy office: It's Cathy Zoi, CEO of Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection and former chief of staff of the White House Office of Environmental Policy under Bill Clinton.

Now, some in industry may cringe at the selection, but we're quite pleased. This is someone with the experience and skill-set to understand what NEMA is trying to accomplish in creating a more energy-efficient, more effective electrical grid. Look at her resume — not only did she pioneer Energy Star at EPA in the 1990s, but she served as group executive director at a NEMA member company, Landis+Gyr, a world leader in energy measurement technologies and systems.

For a better understanding of what she stands for, read what she wrote last year about the need to "repower America."  Her three-pronged approach is this: "First, get the most out of the energy we currently produce. Second, quickly deploy the clean energy technologies that we already know can work. Third, create a new integrated electricity grid to deliver power from where it is generated to where people live."  On this critical third front, she continues:

The third front is the creation of a unified national electricity grid. A "super smart grid" will form the backbone and the entire skeleton of our modern power system. Efficient high voltage lines will move power from remote, resource-rich areas to places where power is consumed. It will also allow households to make money by automatically using energy at the cheapest times and selling electricity back to the grid when a surplus is available can. A smart meter spins both ways.

She's talking our language now. She gets us. This should be fun.

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