A Campaign to Eliminate Electrical Counterfeit Products

A Campaign to Eliminate Electrical Counterfeit Products

For years, the counterfeit products that law enforcement officials focused on most were products like watches, DVDs, purses, and shoes. Not that I don't sympathize with these industries — counterfeiting is damaging to society because it diminishes the value of intellectual property, and in extreme cases can take away sales and eat away at market shares of legitimate businesses.

But when counterfeit products can kill, it elevates society's concern to an entirely new level. Which is what happens when bogus electrical products — like circuit breakers, electrical cords, and lighting systems — hit the streets.  That's why the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), a nonprofit educational group that NEMA helped found, has launched a media blitz to raise awareness of this increasingly serious issue. Brett Brenner, ESFI's president, is on a crusade, and TV stations are taking note. Check out the clip earlier this week from Cleveland's Channel 5, which covered the story by pointing out where counterfeit electrical products can be found and how to avoid them. In early March, Austin's Channel 7 ran a similar story, as did Hartford's Channel 3 in mid-March.

With counterfeit electrical goods now among the nation's top interdicted products, this kind of publicity is critical to raising consumer awareness and ensuring public safety.

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  1. Collaboration for Campaign Against Patronage of Counterfeit Electrical Products in Ghana

    The Communication for Development and Advocacy (CDA Consult) based in Accra Ghana has embarked on series of nationwide public education initiative dubbed: “Avoid Patronage of Counterfeit Electrical Products”.

    The first workshop was organised and sponsored by CDA Consult between December 14 and 16 last year at the Volta Regional Capital Ho.

    Under the initiative, stakeholders across the ten Regional Capitals and 150 out of the 216 District capitals would be assisted to identify counterfeit electrical products on the market, expose to dangers associated with patronage of counterfeit electrical products and create a platform for security operatives to enforce laws against sale of counterfeit products in the country.

    As a major stakeholder CDA Consult is seeking for partnership for the campaign, which would invariable, create a huge marketing platform for your company in Ghana and across Africa.

    The Anti-counterfeiting educational crusade being undertaking by the CDA Consult also seeks to help professionals understand the dangers associated with counterfeit electrical products.

    The proliferation of counterfeit electrical products in the country “is on the increase, and as a nation we need concerted efforts to deal with the problem. “Ghana is gradually becoming fertile market for counterfeit electrical products. We need a national crusade to fight the proliferation of counterfeit electrical products.

    We must all join the holistic crusade to sensitize the public against the usage of counterfeit electrical products”.

    The usage of counterfeit electrical products is a major contributor to the rampant fire outbreaks in the country, therefore “the urgent need to support State institutions in public education on the dangers associated with patronage of counterfeit electrical products”.

    The CDA Consult is collaborating with public institutions, including the Ghana National Fire Service, Ghana Standards Authority, Electrical Contractors, Electrical Manufacturers, Electrical Shop Owners, end users, contractors, security agencies, and the media in the crusade against the proliferation of counterfeit electric products in the country.

    It also seeks to ensure that officials take stiffer actions against dealers in counterfeit electrical products; and also equip electricians and retailers to be able to distinguish between fake electrical products from genuine ones.

    “CDA Consult is creating the platform and build the necessary forces against the proliferation of counterfeit electrical products. We are focusing on raising awareness among the public regarding counterfeiting. “We are creating a platform to expose the public to the main consequence of using cheap counterfeit electrical products – fire outbreaks and/or corporal harms like electrocution, loss of properties, accidents and death”.

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    Francis Ameyibor
    Executive Director
    CDA Consult
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    Email: communicate2develop@gmail.com

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