Five minutes of fame …

Five minutes of fame …

Is about the only thing the assembled leaders of the Americas could walk away with from President Obama at the recently concluded Summit of the Americas.  Except for Hugo Chavez, who turned three minutes of face time into endless new press coverage, to say nothing of the new life he breathed into Eduardo Galeano's book Open Veins of Latin America (the second time Mr. Chavez has boosted the fortunes of an otherwise dormant book).

But what of the Summit itself?  Was anything of value accomplished?  Mostly thoughts and ideas were shared, seeds that will require time and attention just to germinate, to say nothing of the trade potential.  But the spotlight of attention is once again shining on the US, not that it ever left, brighter than ever.  Hopes for a turnaround of the US economy, possible future trade deals, ratification of completed deals, possible relaxation of the Cuba impasse, revision of immigration laws, on and on.  Each requires positive follow up by the US government, with plenty of input required from the business community if the outcomes are to contribute to our collective economy.  Most of the participants focused on future possibilities rather than complain about lost opportunities.  No question that the US election results reset all the clocks. 

Our own examination of the market potential suggests that future business prospects are there if the necessary investment in time and attention is made, sooner rather than later.  Every measurement of electricity consumption is trending upward, and none of it is possible without NEMA members' products.  With our strong Latin American outreach in full swing, and many of the free trade agreements implemented, things are moving.  Let's go.

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