The "Cake" the Unions Baked

The "Cake" the Unions Baked

Catching up on a myriad of articles and blogs about the infamous–and misnamed–"Employee Free Choice Act" (HR 1409/S 560), I ran across some statements made by Vice-President Biden that really "take the cake."

Earlier this week, Vice-President Biden was speaking about labor issues and card check legislation before a conference of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and had this to say: "Everybody looks back on the election now and says it was a piece of cake. But let me tell you: You made it cake."  He stressed that any restoration of the middle class will not be possible without strengthening organized labor.

"That's why we need you to pass the Employee Free Choice Act…You know, I think it should be pretty simple. If a union is what you want, then a union is what you should get," the vice president said. He suggested a "you scratch our backs, we'll scratch yours" mentality: "You know, if we want to achieve our goals, we, the president, and me, this administration, we need to make sure that you achieve your goals. It's really that basic."

You know, this cake might just taste better if we can leave off the "card check" icing.

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