Card Check and Small Business – the Remix

Card Check and Small Business – the Remix

Back in February, I posted a blog about the impact of the misnamed "Employee Free Choice Act" (HR 1409/S 560) on America's small businesses.  The blog included a link to an editorial written by Representiatve Howard "Buck" McKeon, the Ranking Republican Member on the House Education and Labor Committee, that debunked the myth that small businesses won't be impacted by EFCA.

Nearly four months later, the debate about EFCA and potential "compromises" rages on, despite one columnist's opinion that EFCA isn't a big deal.  Gene Marks, a CPA and owner of the Marks Group, recently published an article in Business Week urging everyone to "ignore the card check debate."  He asserts that support for EFCA is weakening and small employers weren't worried about the bill in the first place.

Hmm…not sure I agree with that.  From those I talk to, smaller manufacturing firms care just as much about the potential consequences of EFCA as larger manufacturers.  Prior to coming to NEMA, I worked for a different association comprised mostly of small businesses.  Trust me, they cared.  And so does the National Federation of Independent Business, the leading small business association representing small and independent businesses, which has stated that card check agreements are "bad for employees and small business."

Bottom line – we all wish this debate would go away. But saying that EFCA won't impact small businesses is, in my opinion, naive.

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