With No New Transmission Lines, No New Wind Energy

With No New Transmission Lines, No New Wind Energy

An article in the latest issue of Renew Grid magazine (see page 5) adds to the chorus of concern about siting new transmission corridors.  According to the article, a survey by NRG Systems of attendees at the recent American Wind Energy Association WINDPOWER conference shows that half of respondents cited transmission/interconnection issues as the single greatest obstacle to new wind generation.  Access to capital was a distant second in the survey.

This is nothing new, of course.  NIMBYs and BANANAs have been throwing up hurdles to new transmission corridors for a number of years.  The bad economy (that is, lack of project financing) has made their jobs much easier, but only temporarily.  The need to site new lines in order to access renewable energy sources is simply too great to ignore. 

After all, if the energy from the wind turbine can't reach the building, it's useless.


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