World’s Largest Pedestrian Bridge Soaks up Rays

World’s Largest Pedestrian Bridge Soaks up Rays

A few days ago, The Kurilpa Bridge in Brisbane officially opened, and it’s been referred to as the “largest pedestrian and cycle bridge.” It’s 470 meters long, and around 36,500 people will use the bridge each week. It features a programmable LED lighting system that can be adjusted for different effects and events.

What’s really cool, though, is that the bridge has 84 solar panels that can fully power the bridge in most lighting configurations, and provide 75% of the needed power for the fully lit mode. Excess power can be returned to the grid. The panels will average 100 kWh for daily output and 38 MWh for yearly output.

A Queensland government page has some amazing high-quality photos from several angles (scroll to the bottom for my favorites). mentions that the design is reminiscent of knitting needles, and I agree.

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