A Plug-in Pilot

A Plug-in Pilot

I just heard about The EV Project, which officially launched last month. The Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec), using a $99.8 million grant from DOE, plans to install 11,210 chargers for electric vehicles in five states. During the 36-month project, chargers will be installed in Arizona, California, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington State to power 4,700 cars.

I’m really curious to see how this pilot will progress. Electric cars are coming [back], and the question is how, when, and how effectively it will develop. The website offers the chance to suggest locations for charging stations; it’s neat that public input will be part of the process, since the infrastructure needed for electric cars will affect just about everyone.

It’s likely that the importance of standards will emerge as a key finding in The EV Project—standards for the cars, charging stations, etc. For the pilot, there will only be one type of car, but that will obviously not be how electric cars will roll out on a global scale. I like how a blog at cars.com mentioned that plugging in a car will not be like plugging in a hair dryer. This idea was also touched on in October’s issue of ei.

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