Electric Car Roundup

Electric Car Roundup

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for news about electric cars. Of course, as a news junkie, I might have a skewed sense of what counts as exciting.

Below are some of my favorites.

An interesting way to get the Christmas tree home: A man in the U.K. towed a 50-foot Christmas tree home using a G-Wiz electric car and a trailer. The pictures are wild! It makes my holiday decorations look lame in comparison.

Making sense of acronyms: Autoblog Green has a helpful guide to acronyms related to green cars. I liked their cheeky description of the NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle).

Road testing in China: Several companies are looking into running pilots of vehicles in China. Wired focuses on Daimler’s recent announcement, and summarizes similar projects by Nissan, Chevrolet, and Toyota. (Side note: I can’t wait for the Mini E, though I hope they change the name before it’s ready for the masses).

The Big Push in Denmark: The Danish government is offering a $40,000 tax break per electric car and an extra bonus of free parking in downtown Copenhagen, the New York Times reports. Also, Dong Energy, the nation’s largest utility, hopes to tie car charging with wind energy generation. I liked the idea of robotic devices changing out batteries. It sounds like it would be more fun to watch than pumping gas.

SoCal’s “Electric Vehicle Plug-In Readiness Plan”: Southern California has announced a plan to get the region ready for electric cars by fall 2010. The plan focuses on infrastructure, support systems, information campaigns, and purchasing incentives. Some of the efforts sound ambitious, like streamlining the building permit process. I’m glad they didn’t pick a cutesy acronym for their plan.


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