Future of Card Check?

Future of Card Check?

Today's issue of Roll Call (January 13, 2010) includes an interesting article ("Democrats Trying to Mollify Unions") on the legislative priorities of union activists and their increasing frustration with Congress over everything from proposals to tax "Cadillac" health care plans to failure to take action on the so-called "Employee Free Choice Act" (HR 1409/S 560).

The article suggests what is widely acknowledged around the nation's capital, namely, that mustering the 60 votes necessary to overcome a filibuster on EFCA is not likely. However, that doesn't mean the issue is dead.  According to the article, "another Democratic source said labor leaders have been agitating for a vote early this year in order to gauge which Democrats they should support in November."  Reports also indicate that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), who himself is facing a difficult reelection challenge, is likely to schedule a vote on card check this year, although the timetable for doing so is uncertain. The form any such legislation would take also remains a mystery, as some sort of "compromise" likely will be necessary to overcome the 60-vote hurdle.

Will EFCA pass? If so, in what form? Or is it dead? Stay tuned to NEMA Currents for updates.


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