NEMA’s Leadership Role in Smart Grid

NEMA’s Leadership Role in Smart Grid

NEMA, whose companies make the products that go into a 21st-century "smart" electrical grid, took on a leadership role in promoting Smart Grid several years ago — long before President Obama announced in his inaugural address that one of his administration's goals would be to focus on modernizing the electrical grid.

NIST's recent announcement of the officers its Smart Grid Interoperability Panel Board of Governors — and lo and behold, John McDonald, GM of marketing for GE Energy’s transmission and distribution business, and John Caskey, NEMA senior industry director overseeing our power equipment division, were elected chairman and vice chairman, respectively.

Add to that the funding NEMA received this year from the Department of Commerce to help coordinate Smart Grid expansion with Canada and Mexico, and it demonstrates our growing influence in the development of North America's 21st-century electricity grid. 

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