NEMA Dives Into Social Media Pool

NEMA Dives Into Social Media Pool

Social media has taken the corporate world by storm over the last few years. At this point, if your company isn’t currently using social media as a marketing tool you might be falling behind the eight ball. NEMA, like many associations and businesses out there, have put on a full court press to meet the ever-changing online presence needed to stay relevant in today’s corporate playing field. No matter what medium you hear about, social media has one goal: free, open communication to anyone who is interested.

NEMA’s social media spectrum includes Twitter, YouTube, blogging, podcasting, and even a LinkedIn group that connects NEMA members professionally. These methods of communication are fairly easy to maintain and provide ways for NEMA members to see what’s going on in the electroindustry.

NEMA’s Twitter page called NEMAupdates, is our latest step in updating our members what exactly is hot each and every day at NEMA. Whether it’s our Government Relations team meeting with policy makers on Capitol Hill; or a new revision of a NEMA standard just released; it’s a great to find out where your association membership value is going on a daily basis.

NEMACurrents, the blog of the electrical industry, has reached unforeseen potential with a staggering 115,000 views per month. NEMAVue, our very own YouTube channel, gives us a way to broadcast videos relating to the electroindustry by uploading our own videos or linking other videos related to member issues. NEMAcasts, our podcast program, provides audio recordings that can be found on Itunes and our website that inform listeners on various topics specifically affecting the electrical and medical imaging industries.

It appears that social media will be a fixture in the business world for quite some time. So if you haven’t decided to jump into the pool yet, you might consider bringing out the old swim trunks.

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