NEMA Addresses SSL Dimming Challenges

NEMA Addresses SSL Dimming Challenges

The NEMA Lighting Controls and Solid State Lighting Sections have co-produced a white paper on the subject of dimming screw-base integrated ballast LED lamps. It is designated LSD-49 and is titled "Solid State Lighting for Incandescent Replacement—Best Practices for Dimming". NEMA and the SSL industry hope that by issuing guidance as early as possible on this subject, SSL technology can avoid the pitfalls associated with less than compatible self-ballasted CFL and Dimmer combinations. The global enthusiasm for SSL has standards development organizations working hard to provide guidance on the design, construction and application of these products, many times in parallel with development.

While some other countries and standards bodies are developing SSL-specific dimmers to address this issue, NEMA has taken into account the large installed base of dimmers already in North American homes. While these installed dimmers vary in design, the designs were all largely developed with incandescent tungsten filament bulbs in mind. Future NEMA recommendations for solid state dimming recommendations for the North American market may also include new dimmer designs, but current installed equipment in homes and the DIY spirit of homeowners must be taken into account.

The scope reads; "This paper focuses on integrated LED lamps intended for replacement of general service incandescent lamps. Future white papers are planned to address other LED dimming topics, such as: color change; light output and efficiency (dimming curve); dimming protocols (Internet protocols, 0-10); LED modules with auxiliary drivers; and control architectures that dim without modulated power."

This white paper may be downloaded for free from the NEMA website at:

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